Pregnancy and Your Oral Health: Top Tips

Bringing a new life to your family is a major event in your life and needless to say, you want to make sure everything goes right. Pregnancy is a complicated process, with so much going on in your body. There are hormonal changes, gain in weight, behavioral changes and so on. And these changes make your body susceptible to some other changes, which are not desirable. Thus, pregnancy is a lot about precautions.

Oral health is one such thing you need to take care of. There may be a change in your diet, & there definitely are hormonal changes happening in your body. These changes can have an impact on oral health. Some of the common conditions that you can develop during pregnancy are:

Morning sickness and acid reflux is also a common thing. The acid from the reflux can damage the enamel if it’s a recurring event.

It is great if you are pregnant and not facing any of these problems. However, the best approach is that of being proactive.

How oral health affects the baby

There are several undergoing studies trying to find out exactly how poor oral health affects the baby. Some of the studies show that gum diseases can lead to premature deliveries. It can also have an impact on the health and weight of the new-born baby.

Pregnancy is the time when you need to go all-out in taking care of each and every part of your body, and its starts from your mouth. Good oral health means a healthy you and a healthy baby.

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