The Importance of Anti-Inflammatory Diets

A lapse in dental hygiene can lead to something called inflammation – and it isn’t an experience you would want.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is recognized as a process carried out by the body’s white blood cells to protect us from infections by alien organisms like bacteria and viruses.

While it can primarily be considered a defense mechanism, there are also situations where it may backfire when caused by exposure to certain negative environmental factors.


You would come across two types of inflammation: acute and chronic. Here is a look at how these differ.

Acute Inflammation

This is a short-term and healthy procedure followed by the WBC-s inside your body to counter unwanted bacteria and virus and in some cases, injury. You will notice acute inflammation in the form of increased body temperature, rash-like redness, swelling, pain and deterioration of bodily functions. This isn’t harmful, so you do not need to worry.

Chronic inflammation:

This is a low-grade level of inflammation which consistently occurs over a long period of time, and can be significantly more harmful than acute inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation occurs due to factors like exposure and sensitivity to environmental chemicals/toxins, increased mental stress, a monotonous life, insomnia, genetic disorders or regular intake of processed food.

Unlike acute inflammation, chronic inflammation puts the whole body’s white blood cells to work for a longer duration to fight certain organism, negatively affecting it in the process.

According to evidence provided by experts, chronic inflammation is the main cause of diseases like cardiovascular problems, and many other psychological disorders, including forms of cancer.

Why Do You Need Anti-Inflammatory Foods In Your Diet?

There are several measures one can take to prevent the occurrence of bodily inflammation.

One such important measure is to live on a diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods. Since our body requires food as a necessity, controlling inflammation through a diet will be very effective. There are also some other factors which should be implemented:

According to research institutions, the risk of inflammation and diseases related to inflammation is significantly reduced by following a diet comprising anti-inflammatory food. You would want to take in a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts. If you love to eat meat, try out fishes like salmon.

The diet isn’t just great to combat inflammation – it also helps you to maintain an ideal body weight as per your natural Body Mass Index. Additionally, it promotes healthy intestinal activity and maintains healthy kidneys.

Most of these foods:

Processed, canned and preserved foods do not fall under this diet.

The management and optimization of the other risk factors can also decrease the amount of inflammation.

Inflammation may not seem harmful at first, but can have serious consequences if you do not make an effort to cure it. This diet will not only act as an anti-inflammatory device, but also provide overall nourishment to your body.

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