The Importance of Calcium: Why Do You Need It?

Experts around the world agree that calcium is the most important nutrient as far as bone health is concerned. This is because calcium cannot be produced by the body. It is regarded as an ‘essential’ nutrient that must be fed into your body through the food and drinks you consume.

What makes Calcium so important?

Calcium is regarded as the most abundant mineral inside a human body, the maximum of which forms the skeleton. As a matter of fact, 98% of a human skeleton consists of calcium. This only goes on to show just how important calcium is to develop and maintain your body’s bones, doesn’t it?

Calcium is also one of the most important minerals in dental care. Your teeth require calcium to remain strong and be capable of withstanding the different kinds of food you consume. Your cells perform activities that require calcium to be effectively conducted.

Pregnant women require more calcium because they are responsible for the bone health of the baby too. A pregnant woman needs around 1,100 mg of calcium per day, as compared to the regular 300 mg. This means that they need to consume at least four servings of food that is rich in calcium on all days without fail.

Sources of Calcium:

The primary source of calcium is milk. This is the main reason why dairy products like cheese, butter, and yogurt must be consumed on a regular basis to receive enough calcium to maintain your bone health. There are also other sources of calcium like fish with small bones, and certain fruits and vegetables. Dieticians can make a proper chart for you if you are interested to increase your calcium intake.

Calcium Intake During Different Phases of Life:

The amount of calcium required by the body varies based on the age of a human being. People of different age groups in different phases of their lives need different levels of calcium.

During childhood and adolescence, a calcium-rich diet is very important as it helps develop a child’s skeleton and improves the strength of their bones. Children also indulge in more physical activities, and so their bodies need more calcium.

As an adult, calcium is necessary to maintain your bone density. So an adult human must, on an average, consume at least three servings of calcium-rich food to consistently maintain their bone health.

Each serving must include at least 300 mg of Calcium.

Calcium is indeed essential for the proper growth of your body, and its deficiency can have serious consequences.

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