Why Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

As you age, you might find growing more teeth. While having new teeth during your early teenage years is normal, having one in your mid thirties is not. Don’t worry, they are probably your wisdom teeth growing.
Many dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth removed at an early stage to avoid any complications later on. For those who are unaware of what wisdom teeth is, it is the third molar at the back of our jaw which grows at a later stage of our life.

What are the problems of Wisdom Tooth?

The problems caused due to wisdom tooth are –

Why Do I need to Remove my Wisdom Tooth?

A general question arises in everybody’s mind, that if it doesn’t hurt why I should go through a surgical procedure to remove it.
In most of the cases wisdom tooth is not required to be taken out when they are healthy, properly grown and can function without any problem. But sometimes the new tooth has difficulties in growing in an already developed jaw. The wisdom tooth may not have enough room to grow properly and may cause problems.

What do Doctors have to Say?

Some doctors recommend having wisdom teeth with improper growth removed. It is believed that wisdom tooth must be removed at a young age before the time comes for it to emerge. It will avoid any future complications or problems.

Is it Beneficial to remove Wisdom Tooth at an Early Stage?

Removing wisdom teeth at a tender age when roots are not completely formed is easier and may result in quick recovery from surgery. As a person grows, the roots tend to get stronger making it harder for the molars to be removed.

Removal of wisdom teeth at an advanced age can lead to many problems during surgery ranging from heavy bleeding, fractured teeth and severe numbness and minor loss of movement in the jaw. Wisdom teeth can lead to many problems in an adult that emerge in a more serious nature due to their age.

Wisdom tooth should be treated early on to avoid sinus pain and congestion. Problems in wisdom teeth can also result in infection of gums and cause them to swell up. They can form cavities between teeth which lead to weakening of teeth.

If wisdom teeth have some problem in growing, they can destroy alignment of teeth in the jaw and even ruin any effect of prior dental work like braces, dentures.

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