Children are prone to give a hard time to parents. We have heard parents whining about how their children do not care about their dental hygiene. Although brushing teeth and flossing are the core part of the standard morning and bedtime routine, but children just refuse to adhere to these principles. We as a dental professional can empower parents and help them to develop their kid’s healthy dental habits. Let us discuss 5 tips that can make the routine of brushing and flossing less miserable for kids and parents alike:

  1. Make it a Game:Although the little ones are least affected by the idea of dental decay, but you can encourage them to brush and floss properly by making it a game. Competition is the strongest motivator for the children. Your children will most likely be motivated to brush and floss regularly if they think they will be victorious in a competition with their parents. Try to create interesting games around oral hygiene to raise the interest of your children.
  2. Use an Electric Toothbrush:Most kids get frustrated to do a task that involves a little work on their part. Children have little patience and therefore they find brushing the teeth a hassle and tedious task. Give an electric toothbrush which will replace the frustration of manually brushing their teeth into an enjoyable experience.
  3. Talk in their language:Children can hardly make sense of the threats like tooth decay, periodontal disease or gingivitis. Therefore, they cannot make their dental hygiene their top priority. To solve this issue, it is advisable to speak to them about oral hygiene in their own language. Explain them about the importance of sound dental hygiene routine in kid friendly words. For instance, explain that “cavities can attack your teeth and hurt them. Don’t you want to protect your teeth from cavities?”
  4. Let them choose the Supplies for Oral Hygiene:Kids are always excited when they are at liberty to choose stuff for themselves. Take them to the store and ask them to pick out their own toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and other supplies. This will make them excited about their purchase and encourage them to brush and floss their teeth regularly.
  5. Parents should brush and Floss with their children:The most effective strategy to encourage your child to develop a healthy dental routine is to make them witness their parent’s hygiene habits. Kids are impressionable and easily adapt their parents’ behavior. Children are encouraged to brush and floss regularly by simply seeing their mom and dad who make an effort to keep their teeth healthy.
Even though, children have the habit of detesting all the healthy habits, but you can instill and develop their sound dental hygiene routine by following these simple tips. Developing good habits at this stage will keep them conscious about their oral hygiene and encourage them to make efforts to keep their teeth healthy.