Children and Radiography, is it safe?

Kids are bound to run around, being inspired by their favorite superheroes. And then bam! They fall, they get hurt and at times, they end up with a broken bone. A lot of parents are concerned when this happens, because although seeing their child in pain is a painful thing in itself, the thought of putting their child through an X-ray is worrisome.

A lot of parents are skeptical about radiography. Let’s tackle this Radiography monster.

First of all, it is not a monster.

Radiography is very simple process of taking an image of the internal structure using X-rays. The X-rays are generated by an X-ray machine. The image shows if there is something wrong, especially breaks or fractures or for examining teeth. During the X-ray, it is important that there should be no metal on the body as it can interfere in the path of the rays and not give the image as required.

What does your child go through?

X-ray radiography is pretty painless. All your child has to do is stay still while the X-ray does its job. However, in case of a broken bone, the child may feel some discomfort during the x-ray procedure.

For your child, this examination can either look overwhelming or exciting. Different kids react differently. If you feel your child would be overwhelmed with the process, you need to talk to them and explain why the process is important. You also need to stand by them and make sure that they are still and don’t move during the process, which can be a difficult task for some.


During an X-ray, make sure that your child is made to wear a lead apron. The lead apron reduces the intensity of rays falling on the internal vital organs.

Side Effects

In radiography, X-rays are given in such a low dose, that it practically does not have any effect on the body. Although, x-rays are carcinogenic, you really don’t have to worry because the dose is too small to have any long lasting effect. Also, the utility of X-rays is way more than the miniscule risk it offers over a long term use. One-time radiography has no side effects. It is only when your child is undergoing a radiation therapy, that he or she may experience mild side effects such nausea.

How Should You Go About It?

While X-rays are safe for your child, there is no harm in being cautious. Don’t expose your child to this diagnostic treatment too often. We all know that children are always more sensitive to such elements than adults.

So, if you suspect your child has a broken bone or a mild fracture, it is far more important to take him or her immediately for an X-ray rather than worry about how safe X-rays are. They are safe and have no long term effects on the body. A one-time X-ray has a very low intensity and does no harm.

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