Gingival Grafting and Implants

There may be certain instances when your dentist advises that you undergo a gum graft surgery or as it is technically called, a Gingival Grafting procedure.

A Gum Graft Surgery is not as drastic as it sounds but in some cases, it is helpful in curbing the harmful effects of problems like Gum recession.

What is Gum Recession?

The process during which the tissue that envelops the teeth begins to peel off the tooth, revealing more of the tooth’s roots is known as Gum recession. This process can cause serious damage to the bone that supports your teeth.

Gum recession is quite a common dental problem that is encountered by dentists mostly among patients who dote on outside food. Studies have shown that a large number of adults suffer from gum recession and do not notice it until it has become a cause for concern.

However, it is not uncommon to fail to notice the recession. It happens to be a slow process that occurs over time. A tooth root that is exposed can cause tooth sensitivity problems. Gum recession, if neglected by the patient, can lead to the loss of teeth which is especially bad for adults with permanent teeth.

Not only does it create tooth sensitivity issues, but it also looks ugly and affects people’s perception of you when you smile or reveal your teeth while eating. To treat gum recession, a gum graft process may be necessary.

Types of Gum Grafts:

According to dental experts around the world, there exists three main types of gum grafts that are used during the Gingival Grafting process:

It does not really make much of a difference which of the three types of grafts is used as it will not enhance or reduce the functioning of your mouth in any way.

Benefits of Gingival Grafting Procedure:

The most obvious benefit of Gingival Grafting is the healing and curbing of gum recession in your mouth. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in tooth sensitivity. It will improve the appearance of your teeth giving you the confidence to smile and talk without being overly conscious.

The word surgery is scary, but the results are worth the process. Dental health is crucial to maintain as you grow older, and gum recession can be a severe setback to your normal life. So do not be scared and go for it.

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