Intraoral Cameras: How Do They Benefit?

Dental visits usually require you to open your mouth wide sooner or later. The question is, how long are you supposed to keep you mouth open and wait for the dentist to diagnoses the problem?

How Has Intraoral Cameras Changed the Game?

Previously, the pictures of the problem in your buccal cavity were only 70% accurate by traditional radiograph but the tooth decay was more that what you saw. The detection of the lesions was hard by traditional detection means. They were not capable of detecting minute disorders. Diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease often went undiagnosed, without any symptoms in preliminary stages.

Now with the help of intraoral cameras dentists can locate and identify problems in areas that are not visible to the naked eye. You can see inside your mouth yourself, with intraoral cameras, find the hidden demons in the very beginning and cut off their heads!

How does an intraoral camera work?

The camera is a small, non-invasive device the sized of a traditional dental mirror. Because of its smaller size it can be placed anywhere in the mouth to examine the teeth and gums. The camera can enlarge many times the tooth than it actually is.

So what’s special about this little thing?

This video is shown to the patient by   the dentist soon after the recording takes place. You can clearly observe and understand your tooth structure. Furthermore, this makes it easy on the dentist to explain the specific periodontal issue that may be detected from such recordings. Based on this video, further line of action can be decided by you and your dentist.

Not only this camera gives you information about disease, plaque etc. but also shows the potential trouble areas. The obvious advantage of this device is that it can capture the images or video and detect infections, even in hard to reach places like gaps between two teeth and the back-side of your incisors, canines and premolars.

External appearances can be deceptive!

You may think that just because your teeth look all pearly and shiny from the outside, they are all healthy from the inside. Think again. Your enemies are well-hidden and are at constant, guerilla war with your precious teeth. You need every advantage you can think of.

So use this technology and turn the tide in your favor!

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