My Golden years. Do I need special dental care?

They say, life takes a full circle and gets you back from where you started. This is quite true, from a dental perspective at least.

In the growing stages and when you are in your golden years (right around your retirement), your teeth need special care. Several physiological changes take place in your mouth with age, which can add to the risk of dental conditions.

By this age, you probably have had several dental treatments – root canals, fillings, or even dentures. Remember that these are protective till the time they last. Even your tooth filling can get chipped or come off if not cared for properly. Plaque (bacterial layer) can develop on the surface of dentures if not cleaned once or twice in 24 hours.

There are several factors that influence your dental health at this age –

Due to the above mentioned factors, you may experience some these common dental conditions in your 60s.

Quick Tips

So yes, to answer your question, in your golden years, your teeth need special attention.

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