Smoking and bad breath! Understanding Why It Happens

When we come across people who smoke, we notice that their clothes, hair and breath also smell like smoke. Smoking and bad breath is one of the several anti-social effects of smoking, referred to as ‘smoker’s breath’.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is more common than you think – and if you’re a smoker, chances are you already suffer from one.

The Top Reasons You Suffer from Bad Breath

Here is why smokers have a bad breath –

  • Bad breath when smoking is a result of the chemicals found in cigarettes. The chemicals stick to the surfaces in the mouth, such as teeth and gums. These chemicals are known to encourage certain bacteria to reside in the mouth. Some of these chemicals also kill the essential bacteria of the mouth, which is bad for the oral health. As the chemicals accumulate in the mouth, it causes smoker’s breath.
  • As the smoke enters the lungs, and then the same smoke is exhaled, the foul air stays in the mouth, further causing bad breath.
  • We often forget the power of saliva. Saliva helps to keep the mouth clean, and thus keep the bad breath away. Smoking is salivas enemy. Smoking causes your mouth to dry out. No saliva means you don’t have the tool to keep bad breath away. There are innumerable studies showing show smoking affects saliva flow. One such study has proven that long term smoking reduces the flow of saliva, and this can lead to dental conditions such as caries, gingivitis and so on.

Though we don’t really encourage smoking, but if you do want to smoke, spare others from the smoker’s breath. Your bad breath could actually be driving away people.

Here is how you can curb smoker’s breath –

  • Chew mint or chewing gum at regular intervals. Though it does not take away the bad breath, it will definitely mask it for a short duration.
  • Cleanse your mouth at regular intervals. Washing your mouth, teeth, tongue will help to rinse away the particles causing the bad breath. Washing your mouth could help to get rid of the smoky smell, at least temporarily.
  • Hydrate yourself. Drinking water is also a way to wash away the bad elements of the mouth.
  • Mouth sprays also work similar to chewing gums. They will mask the smell temporarily.
  • Maintain regular oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing can also make a difference to the overall oral health of a smoker. Although, it may not address smoker’s breath at a given time, it will get you back your oral health that is already compromised by smoking.

E-cigarettes are also another way to avoid the foul smell. But then, there aren’t many takers for them right?

On a cautionary note, bad breath is a sign of future dental conditions. Less saliva means your mouth is more susceptible to dental issues.

If you are a smoker and experience bad breath, a visit to your dentist would be a great investment for your oral health.

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