The importance of having a good record of my oral health

With evolving lifestyles and hectic schedules, the kind of conditions and diseases that we encounter are unique. Some are interrelated, and some are not. Same applies to our dental health as well. Root canals, teeth cleaning, extractions, and so on, the reasons to visit the dentist are endless.

Needless to say, your dentist must have a record of your dental health and treatments. If you ever plan to move out of a place or change your dentist, you can get access to these records, and pass them on to your new dentist.

For dentists, maintaining electronic health records is mandatory now. Having the records is important for the dentist as well as the patient.

Your dentist would have the following information recorded in your oral health records – Name, age, and other basic information, medical history, dental history, previous treatments, present dental conditions, lab tests & results, diagnosis and so on.

Everything is going digital now, and so are dental records. Here is how you and your dentist are benefitted by maintaining proper electronic oral health records.

You must note that though your dentist maintains a record of your oral health, they will share it with you only when you ask for it. You have the right to ask for your own oral health records. As a patient, you are more empowered when you have access to your own oral health records. It keeps you updated about your health, and what you need to do next.

You can’t really take good care of yourself till you know for sure about what’s going on in your body. Hence, having well-maintained records are as much important for the doctor to treat you, as it is important for you so that you are prepared to receive the treatment.

Yes, at times you may have to spend a bit more time and effort to procure your oral health records from your dentist, but it is worth it.

Transparency and having complete information of your oral health are keys to good oral health, and overall health too.

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