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Missing teeth not only impact your appearance and confidence. Left unfilled, the resulting gaps can cause a chain reaction of serious oral health issues. Dr. Bello of Bello Dental Associates in Aventura, Florida, provides safe, effective dental implants that look and function just like natural teeth. Make an appointment online or by phone to learn more.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts or frames placed in your jaw that hold up prosthetic teeth. If you lose a tooth due to an injury, periodontal disease, or natural decay, implants might be for you. There are two types of dental implants:

Subperiosteal Implants - These implants are placed over the jaw with metal that protrudes through the gums to hold the prosthetic teeth in place.

Endosteal Implants - The more common form of dental implants, these are held in place by screws that your dentist surgically inserts into your jawbone.

Once your implant is in place, Dr. Bello mounts your artificial teeth onto them.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Dr. Bello recommends dental implants if you're in excellent general and oral health. To tolerate the procedure, your jawbone must be able to support the implant. So, you’re an ideal candidate if you’ve lost a tooth that needs replacing but still have healthy gum tissue.

How do dental implants work?

Since implants are placed surgically into or on your jawbone, they support your prosthetic teeth well, preventing any shifting. This makes speaking and chewing feel normal, just like with natural teeth. They're preferable to dentures and bridges, which aren’t as comfortable and, in some cases, aren’t viable options because of ridges in your mouth.

One key advantage of implants is that your surrounding teeth don’t need to be filed down to accommodate the artificial teeth.

What is the procedure like?

Dr. Bello performs the dental implant procedure right in her office. She uses a local anesthesia to numb the treatment area and places the metal implants either in or on your jawbone. Afterwards, she prescribes pain medication to temper any discomfort and recommends eating a diet of soft and cool foods.

After the initial visit, your jawbone and the implant need time to fuse. This process can take anywhere from 2-6 months. In the interim, Dr. Bello provides a temporary crown to help with functions like speaking and eating. Once the process is complete, Dr. Bello schedules a follow-up appointment to fit you with your artificial teeth that will function, look, and last as long as natural teeth.