Which Toothpaste Should I Buy?

If you have visited the supermarket and have been awestruck at the sheer variety of toothpastes that you can choose from, then you might be wondering which toothpaste must be good for you?

The general observation is that toothpastes come with different features. There are some which claim to fight sensitivity problems while some promise you whiter teeth in a few days.

There are some gel based ones that leave you with a strong and fresh breath that can last slightly longer throughout the day. The features can go on, and the average customer can be left feeling a bit frazzled.

We are here to help you out.

However, before we go into the details of which toothpaste you must choose, let us have a look at some of the features and whether they can actually cause some damage to your teeth while providing you the benefits that they claim to.

Which One Is the Best?

You must have come across toothpastes that claim to give you whiter teeth. Such toothpastes generally contain abrasives that scrub away on the surface of your teeth to make them shinier and whiter.

Now, while this might impress you, let us tell you that excess usage of such kinds will also scrub away at the enamel, that will lead to further complications like tooth sensitivity.

What is the Best Way to Avoid Cavities?

In general, if you are petrified of cavities, it makes sense to ask your dentist to prescribe a suitable one for you which will have higher levels of fluoride. While they may be more expensive, nobody ever got any harm from using such toothpastes.

However, excessive usage of whitening toothpaste can weaken the enamel and lead to sensitivity problems. As a result, you will now have to switch over to the more expensive toothpaste that helps you fight this problem.

The bottom line is that if you just brush twice, everyday and stay away from carbonated and fizzy drinks, junk food, chocolates and other sugar-loaded food and drinks, then your teeth will remain healthy, shiny and bright. Avoid using tobacco, coffee and other pigmented products as they give you a bad breath and stain your teeth. Eating healthy, sipping water frequently, brushing your teeth using the right techniques and flossing along with using a mouthwash from a trusted maker, should be enough to keep your teeth clean and white. The kind of toothpaste that you use doesn’t really make a big difference. And yes, last but not the least, visit your dentist for checkups regularly!

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